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开发 SungDong Kim
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Do not ever forget important things again with QuickReminds

You can quickly register reminders with very simple way and you will be notified about your important things

✔ Very simple registration
✔ Register reminders with countdown timer
✔ Reuse registered reminders
✔ Manages multiple reminders
✔ Manages used messages
✔ Display remaining time
✔ Informs reminder count using application icon badge

✔ eBanner : The ultimate/versatile scrolling banner application to say something effectively.(Featured Emoji Keyboard Unlocker, Built-In Unicode symbol keyboard and Emoji Keyboard)

✔ WowContacts : With its simple and beautiful interface and various gestures, you can manage contacts and you can make a call easily.

✔ Modum/Modum Free : Modum is the easiest contact group manager that lets you collect, organize your contacts into several groups with ease-to-use.
Modum can send an SMS and mail to a group of contacts.

✔ PowerSnippet : Boost your productivity with this powerful snippet manager that stores, organizes your snippet quickly.(Featured Emoji Keyboard Unlocker, Built-In Unicode symbol(570+) keyboard and Emoji(470+) Keyboard)

✔ TweetBanner : Display your twitter tweets like a photo frame with external monitor display.

✔ 사주대전 : 내 손 안의 철학관! 아이폰 정통 종합 운세(명리,토정비결,궁합,귀곡산명,궁합,꿈풀이,당사주)